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I have always been very creative since I can remember, I used to have one of them art cases back in the 90's and when I went to bed I would whip it out and get creative. If I heard someone creaking up the stairs I knew it was my mum or dad coming to check on me so I would pretend to be asleep with paper and pens struined all over my bed covers. I grew up with my mum drawing cartoon characters on mine and my sisters bedroom walls and I always remember her doodling with a pen and paper pad when she was on the telephone. We always used to play dress up and I loved putting my own outfits together which I definitely think has aided my passion for Charity shops and scouring for second hand treasures. From clothing to fabric, to chest of draws and even a record player... yep I had it!


I always picked the creative subjects, I did Art and Textiles right from GCSE to A Level and later on Art Foundation. This passion led me to Bath Spa University where I delved into the realm of Textile Design for Fashion & Interiors. University was all about expanding on what I loved and I found that I was really good at arranging and putting things together. Whilst in Bath I supported myself by working as a Visual Merchandiser and it was honestly one of the best things I did, it was one of the turning points that would forever shape my perspective on design. It was great learning about placement and how objects work together in a space, my mind suddenly started to evolve with how my love for print and design worked with interior spaces. In my second year at uni I specialised in printed textiles for Interiors and yep you guessed it my mind was blown and I began my journey as a Textile Print Designer for Interiors.


I left uni a decade ago and what a whirl wind it has been, when leaving uni I didn't have the luxury of knowing anyone in the industry, at the time I was the only person in my family to go to uni, my dad was a Coal man and my mum a PA. Being the only person in my family to attend university, I relied on determination and grit to pave my way. I worked for free determined to make it in my field and through my decade of experience I have worked on set design and styling for major TV channels and TV programs. I have also had the privilege of coordinating and project managing retail store designs for renowned high street brands. I have also worked as a creative designer in a large gifting company designing patterns and typographic illustrations, managed design teams and I was also head of colour and trends for pattern and colour.

Nothing prepared me for the whirlwind of a career I have had and many times I have had to pinch myself that a young girl from a little town in Shropshire could be doing these incredible things with her life. I am so grateful for my experiences so far and gratitude fills my heart as I am so excited to bring my love and expertise for print to help you to create a space that helps you to feel loved and give you a true sense of home and belonging ⚡️.

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Lauren founder of Lauren Deakin Interiors

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